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Intelligent Search Box on your Website

The use of the global search engine has really helped us get to online shopping destinations, access journals or FAQs, navigate through Company intranet blogs, educate ourselves on interesting topics, follow current affairs and the global media coverage, in general, but more often than not the internal search engines of many websites leave a lot to be desired

It feels like a no-brainer that a Company's internal search engine should at least be the tool that a user would use to navigate to a desired interest, through displayed options, in the Company but many times this has not been the case at all.

There can be no doubting the importance of an internal search engine to businesses in this day and age. Most customers would surely prefer to use it to inquire further into the range of products and services after being directed to the Company's website either through a global search engine, guided by phrase matches or visual interests while surfing the media or just through hearsay.

Even though most of us use a global search engine to navigate to our preferred interests and eventual destinations, once we are at the desired website, the 'search box' often becomes the navigator on what the Company has to offer - and that's where things often get more unnecessarily complicated. You may be served with a predictive text which may not have much to do with an initial request. Meanwhile, many users may not even pay attention to the predictive options at all.

Consequently, you realise that the most popular and highly reputable company in the service industry does not show any results for the most basic items when you make a request using its 'search box'; or you're unable to see an introductory clip of a very popular TV programme due to misspelling of the title; or unable to read a newspaper 'archived' article on a favourite or interesting subject just because you typed an alias instead of the real name of the author. Usually, the user is let down and just had to leave the website for other sources and this may be as important as missing out on a valuable customer

It can be very frustrating and disappointing for both the business and customer alike not to be able to display and find accurate and relevant results based on the query on a Company's search box. Usually information is present on the website but the customer is let down by results delivery and the intelligence behind the internal 'search box' tool.

This has highlighted several of the unnecessary experiences we face day-in day-out with the mass of irrelevant information we get as a result of inputting genuine requests using internal website 'search box'.

However, the intention of the retailer is to sell products and services to the much valued customers online, not to mention the media outlet offering direct access to attract its users to view introductory clips on TV programmes or read articles on their favourite presenters or artists.

After very careful analysis we have now arrived at a comprehensive approach to cracking the problems of 'no-show' or irrelevant information through internal 'search box' enquiries. We can offer exceptionally good accuracy in displaying relevant details, coping with not just minor spelling mistakes and synonyms, but a lot more data handling issues with little or no operational costs and the ability to adapt other business rules to information displayed. Your products and business can now respond appropriately to the dynamic customer search criteria and - marketing operational strategy through your internal search engine.

It would be most appreciated to get an opportunity to discuss this important innovation further and to demonstrate to you and your team a new approach to allowing your website to better display relevant results in response to dynamic user requests and ever-evolving market trends.

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